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A Holiday Club created especially for children from 5 to 10 years old

Dominate. Educate. Motivate.

About Leading the Pack

Leading the Pack is a brand new program presented by The Family Place! A Holiday Club like no other, Leading the Pack is about offering children opportunities beyond that of a classroom. From sports days to creative projects, our focus is on following children’s lead.

We’re all about embracing children’s interests and supporting them as they explore the world.

Our motto is “Dominate, Educate, Motivate” because these are the principles we want to instill in children.


Building children’s confidence in their early years can influence the way they develop and confront future challenges. By always encouraging them to be independent, knowing they have a support system in place, we hope to teach them they can accomplish anything.


Learning doesn’t have to be done in a classroom. In fact, we believe that the best learning opportunities come when children are allowed to get hands-on and follow their curiosity, no matter where it takes them!


We hope to show children that they are incredible learners and have the ability to do anything they set their minds to. By providing unique learning experiences, we want to motivate them every single day to keep discovering more about the world around them.

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Leading the Pack is filled with activities that help children to develop their social skills and confidence, as well as promote physical activity and mental development.

Activities will include…

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Outdoor Play
  • Dance
  • & so much more!

Leading the Pack has been created to continue children’s educational journeys! By including fun-filled activities throughout our holiday program, we are able to motivate children to learn and bring something new to every day.

The Family Place is excited to bring our passion for learning to a whole new program! We create our every day curriculum around the children we serve, and Leading the Pack will be no different. By providing children with goals that are achievable, personalized and maintainable, they are able to achieve more than they thought possible and grow in confidence.

Each session is a chance for children to try something new, as well as keeping them on track for school by infusing each day with learning opportunities.

Superb Facilities For Your Child

We’re not just here to support children’s development - although that is our top priority!

Leading the Pack is also about supporting parents when they need it most. Children might look forward to holidays as a period of freedom and fun… but for parents, it can be a different story.

When you’re child is at Leading the Pack they will be challenged every day to try something new, and exposed to new challenges and hobbies to encourage their curiosity. We will provide ongoing teaching and support, as well as assessments that ensure they are more than ready for school when the holidays come to an end!

We have a limited number of spaces available at Leading the Pack so make sure you register your interest below to start your little one’s adventure!

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