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Our Learning

Our childcare works hard to stay educated on the most up-to-date teaching methods. We create our curriculum around the children we serve by providing them with goals that are achievable, catered specifically to the child, easily recognizable and maintainable. We mirror our philosophy to the Indiana Foundations Standard to be sure that we teach what children need to know at the correct stages in their life. We believe these methods nurture children’s learning and give them fertile ground for continued growth. Our methods are exemplified in the activities and creative curriculum we complete with the children daily, magnifying these methods through play.

Our curriculum is based in the fields of:

English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Health, Movement, Music and Visual Arts.

Each day infants receive a detailed report so that parents are informed of how and what they did for the day, the amount and type of food they ate, and what their mood was like overall. Toddlers alike receive a personalized weekly grade card that is designed to give the parent a re-cap of what was accomplished for the week and how their child responded to new concepts and environments as they learned through play. Each student has on-going assessments that are completed on them to ensure they are always with the right group that makes the most impact daily. These assessments are matched with growth milestones and standardized test for early child development. We communicate these findings with parents regulary so they are aware of any red flags that may occur over time.

We make thinking visible. Visible thinking uses thinking routines and documentation created by children and teachers to make the thinking process more visible in the classroom in a natural, manageable way. By using thinking routines and documenting children's responses, teachers can make children aware of their own thinking and thought processes.

When children speak, write, draw, build, or dramatize their idea, they make their thinking visible.

This is how we help create, evaluate and monitor our curriculum regularly. If the curriculum is not flexible, it is not designed with the child in mind.

An Interview with MommyC...

Why Parenting Enrichment Classes?

Her response:

The job of the pre-school is only half done when it has educated the children here in Hamilton County and throughout. Since it has been demonstrated beyond a doubt that the home environment and the role played by understanding parents are paramount in the determination of what the child is to become, it is just as important to me to help the parent feel more adequate for their task in the home. Parenting classes are equally as important from the point of view of public education and the welfare of society as is the education of the children themselves. I have since changed my Doctoral studies to reflect the importance of Parenting, because that to me, is the foundation of our future. If we can get the home right, together, more sound; allowing the parents to feel more in control- then the school environment will ultimately turn around for the greater good because the children will be the ones experiencing the most impact.

Why is there a cost involved?

Her response:

There is a cost to mostly everything. It requires time and preparation to develop these classes, more than 10 hours. We offer childcare during these sessions, typically provide a light snack for the participants and hand out useful materials for parents to take home. They are meaningful and well worth the price.

Where does the information come from?

Her response:

I do quite a bit of research on a weekly basis and in order to stay on the cutting edge of pre-school, I have to. I believe in education or I wouldn't be in school myself. Everything that we do here at our school is backed by research. From our daily schedule, how we teach the children through play and yes even the enrichment classes we put together for our families. I am a resource to the community. Mostly the research comes from my current studies where I am obtaining a Doctrate Degree in Early Education. I would never want to give someone wrong information, I wouldn't be able to sleep if I did. I try to ensure my staff, as well, is well equipped to handle what comes in a given day by continuing to provide them with sound knowledge I receive also. My experience and expertise, simply because I have had more practice with a variety of children, has brought me to this point. Over 11 years of childcare experience and 25 years of management combined working with the public - I now realize that I am the brand - it's truly MommyC's house. That house was not built in a day, nor was it built alone. I am a forever learner first.

Does the Potty Training Program really work?

Her response:

​I guess you should ask the 235 families we have helped. They are your best resource of response. But, yes I believe it does work or I wouldn't apply it to our program. It's a no non-sense approach, with a positive angle that simply rewards children for the efforts and helps empower them to grow. It's always interesting when our parents are amazed at how it worked. I love seeing our little ones become big boys and big girls. The other children that are already potty trained truly are the little helpers to the program as well.

What are your biggest desires?

Her response:

Expansion and Impact! I never want to stop growing. In every way possible. Whether that is the building, or me personally. I truly want what is best for everyone I come in contact with. Although it requires great sacrifice, I believe it will all be worth it!

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